13 Jobs & 1 weekly lock out Fix FFXIV Suggestion

I personally find that the only incentive to level multiple jobs to 60 is to test them out or play with them in a casual setting. This is because of the current raid lockout system. Currently, we are allowed to try out other jobs without creating an alt and repeating the MSQ but we are forced to choose a single job for endgame raiding. The way the current system works is that we farm the content on our main jobs first then we go in on FF14GILHUB alt jobs. As more jobs are added not everyone will want to stick with a single job.

I feel like we’re trying too hard to separate the community through raiding when we should be trying to bring it together. I have an idea on how to help both sides of the community Raiders & Casuals who want to try.

Allow us an extra manifesto per role helping at least 4 members who haven’t cleared for the week. An example would be if I cleared as ANY Tank Job I no longer get a manifesto clearing as that role BUT if I switch to A Healer, Caster DPS, Melee DPS or Ranged DPS and help 4 others who haven’t cleared I get another Manifesto. This gives the extra jobs we leveled an immediate purpose. Restrict the allowance to 2 or 3 roles per week.

Even with the new Raid PF the lockout still doesn’t give more players incentive to help beyond a single clear. Some people still won’t help and others still won’t want only 1 chest especially if the aren’t new to clearing it. At least with an additional manifesto players who aren’t overly concerned with the chests can still benefit & the people that help can as well.

The current system is punishing to players (new players or players coming back from inactivity) that start raiding late or players who have trouble finding a group. With RNG and a single manifesto, some players won’t get the gear they desire depending on how close they clear to the next patch. This gives us more chances at loot and newer players a better chance getting into the content and clearing.

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Beside with the new crafted stuff for DoM and DoW you can still be competitive and run savage content

I have all 3 hea and 2 caster ready for any savage with mostly crafted melded stuff and a shit ton of lore i don’t even know buy ffxiv gil what to do with…

What Has Happened to Me in Blade & Soul

To be honest, I get some trouble in Blade & Soul. What happened was…

1. I logged on to four different alts, and successively sent 10 moonwater transformation stones each to a character named “mushin” owned by the player named neoep.

2. Once I clicked the “mail now” button after the fourth one, I realized the mistake. I wasn’t thinking clearly before then… It’s at the end of a long day when I log on to bns.

3. I wallowed in anger and self loathing, but then still needed to continue the crafting. I logged on to the two other alts and sent the other stones to GenericNameOne correctly.

4. I posted a total of 30 stones to the auctionhouse.

So yes, you would see GenericNameOne still receiving 20 transformation stones from two alts, and combined with the 10 stones that it crafted BNS Gold, would have seen 30 stones being posted on the auction house, on February 8th, 2016, by the GenericNameOne. But you should also see 40 stones from the rest of the alts being sent to a character named “mushin” owned by the player named neoep.

So yes, among the 70 stones I crafted that day, I put up 30 on the auctionhouse, but lost 40. So while there is a record of some stones being put up on the auctionhouse, the missing transfer also occurred…