Guild Wars 2 Archane Thievery and Corrupt Boon

Archane Thievery and Corrupt Boon are formidable skills that will either transfer or transform any boons on a player into random conditions and although they both share long cooldowns, they are incredibly powerful against professions that choose to pursue boon orientated gameplay. There is nothing more satisfying than removing boons from a player you know is relying on them as part of their setup.

Archane Thievery differs from Corrupt Boon in the sense that it sends conditions on you to your foe and you steal their boons, while Corrupt Boon directly transforms boons on a foe into conditions. The Mesmers Archane Thivery is obviously a lot more guild wars 2 gold than Corrupt Boon based on the fact you receive boons in the place of any conditions you passed on, but Corrupt Boon also has a significantly lower cooldown so can be used at least three times before Archane Thievery is ready again.

Mind Stab, the last attack in the swords autoattack sequence, removes one boon from your foe. As the only autoattack in the game that does this, there is little wonder that 90% of all mesmers use a sword, as it allows for you to really cut through defensive boon heavy professions incredibly quickly. Paired with any other of the Mesmers boon removal skills, it leaves very little opportunity for your foes to actually maintain their boons for any length of time.

Null Field, as mentioned above, is an area of effect condition removal skill, however it also removes boons to anyone within its field. As a Glamour skill there are also various traits that allow you prolong its duration and reduce its cooldown. Considering it only has a 45 second cooldown to start with, it really is an excellent skill to have in the Mesmers arsenal. Paired with Magic Bullet or Signet of Domination, you can quickly lock a player down inside the area for a long period of time to strip their boons completely.Phantasmal Disenchanter summons an illusion to remove boons from foes and conditions from allies. As the Phantasmal Disenchanter only uses a skill once every 8 seconds, I’ve often found it much more practical to equip Null Field or Archane Thievery instead as these aren’t susceptible to damage from opposing players while Phamtasms can be overridden should you summon any other illusions.

Spinal Shivers is an excellent skill based on the fact that not only does it cause chill but removes 3 boons in the process and with a relatively low cooldown at 25 seconds there aren’t many professions able to reapply boons quickly enough for you can use cheap gw2 gold again.Well of Corruption acts similarly to Null Field, where the player can place the Well down and anyone within its area will see their boons removed every 2 seconds. With an 8 second duration the skill is exceptional in a Capture Point scenario especially if you know that a Guardian is actively defending the point as placing it in the centre of the Capture Point will force them off it (if they know what’s good for them). The fact it also acts as a Combo Field is an added bonus. I’d recommend any Necromancer to take Well of Corruption in structured PvP environment.


Guild Wars 2 Precision And Toughness

Precision increases your chance to critical hit and like Power, is an offensive attribute. At level 80, all professions have a chance to critical hit of 4%. This is incredibly low but it is easily increased through items or trait lines. The main benefit of Precision, besides the fact that critical hits are great for spike damage, is that many effects from traits or skills are triggered by critical strikes.

Certain traits will directly increase your Precision attribute, such as a Mesmers Blade Training that provides +50 Precision, while skills such as an Engineers Infused Precision will only trigger when you critically hit.I always try to aim for around 50% chance to critically hit as many of guild wars 2 gold around such trait triggers. With the rate of attack/fire from many skills or weapons it’s almost guaranteed with such a Precision rate that you can keep trait triggers active. To achieve a 50% chance to critically hit, you would need a Precision attribute total of around 1800.

Toughness is one of two defensive attributes. Each point spent in Toughness will increase your armour and your ability to withstand direct damage. Toughness doesn’t affect your ability to mitigate Condition damage but only physical attacks from weapons or spells. Similarly to Precision, there are various traits for certain professions that provide a direct increase, such as a Warriors Shield Master trait which provides +90 Toughness while wielding a shield. There is no rule as to how much toughness, numerically, that you should aim for. With very little Toughness you can still survive a long period of time if you are clever with your positioning and use of dodging in order to cheap gw2 gold, but anything around 1600 Toughness at level 80 should see you withstand plenty of damage, when combined with your armour.