For the sake of GW2

For the sake of this conversation, we define dueling the same way it is defined in every other MMO – two players fight each other in the open world until one player has 1 hp left and the duel is over.
For the sake of guild wars 2 gold and all the people who’s play would for some reason be absolutely ruined by the presence of a duel system, I would advocate for an option to auto-decline duels and a cooldown on the amount of times you could duel request someone.
If the player persists in his/her requests to the point of verbal abuse (because harassment only happens with duels apparently) block the person and report them. If need be, do what us WoW vets used to do when we were being corpse camped by that same undead rogue and leave the zone or take a break, and realize it’s not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.
Finally, because you enjoy pvp, sparring, competition, not fighting NPCs, it most definitely doesn’t make you an over-aggressive, troll, ganker, jerk, elitist, what-have-you. I don’t know where this idea came from. I see it in this thread “you are rude to me on a forum you are obviously a pvper.” It really blows my mind….remember when video games were about killing eachother? And we were all still friends?

Custom arenas make you use your watered-down sPvP avatar and is not nearly as accessible as open world duels. Colin Johanson even admitted it was a awkward way to have to duel.
The whole point of open world dueling is that it happens on the spot. If you want to duel with someone, you shouldn’t have to form a party, join spvp, open up the wiki to learn howto make a custom arena, realize you have to buy gems to make a custom game, go back to checking off achievements and dont duel because no one is going to go through that effort for a simple duel.
Obsidian Sanctum is another terrible suggestion, unless all your friends happen to be on the opposing WvW servers.
If you spent as much time reading as you did trying to argue with people you would save me a lot of typing.


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