Guild Wars 2 Earth Magic – Condition Damage and Toughness

This is the control and condition trait line. Elementalists don’t have a ton of condition based offensive builds, compared to other professions, but they can definitely put down a lot of burning and bleeding. So if you’re looking at making a condition heavy build then this is definitely the path to go. Using Staff 2, Eruption, 30 points in Earth will mean the difference between 45 damage a tick and 60 damage a tick on the bleed. Combine with Fire Magic’s condition duration; you’ll be looking at 3,266 damage vs. 5,432 damage from the full duration of the bleed.

Toughness increases your armor by 1 point, which lowers direct damage. This is great if you’re wanting to go into a dungeon and “tank” as an elementalist. My one recommendation if you go this route, take Summon Earth Shield. It’ll help mitigate some of the incoming damage if you’re in a scenario that you can’t keep the enemy away from you.For major traits, Salt Stone gives 5% additional damage for bleed. Impale, Ring of Earth, Earthquake, Churning Earth, and a few more skills apply bleeding, so this is a passive 5% additional damage to any condition build. Strength of Stone gives 10% more damage while attuned to earth and Written in Stone lets you maintain the passive effects of signets, which are key to a good condition build.

Minor Traits

Stone Flesh (5 Points): Gain 1 toughness per level while attuned to earth. This is obviously 80 extra toughness at level 80 which is a fair amount.
Earthen Blast (15 Points): Does damage and cripples foes when you switch to the earth attunement. This one is actually really nifty for gaining distance.
Enduring Damage (25 Points): Deal 10% more damage while your endurance is full. This one is neat, since it’s a flat 10% damage until you dodge roll.


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