Guild Wars 2 Trebuchet And Cannon

Let’s say you have a heavily defended keep or tower and you need to bust a wall down, but getting too close will result in instant death. That’s when you build a trebuchet to get many cheap gw2 gold, which is a long range general siege weapon that can do heavy damage to structures and moderate damage to everyone else. It differs from the Structured PvP Trebuchet slightly, as it’s buildable and contains the ability to cause poisoned clouds.

Using a trebuchet is actually quite difficult, because you need to turn it in the direction you want to fire and then hold down the attack button for the amount of distance you want. The most common uses for trebuchets is to build them in towers and use them to assault distance keeps, like building one in Durios and firing on Stonemist. Towers generally have siege platforms that you can build the trebuchets on that are safe from most non-siege weapon assaults.

Taking a trebuchet out generally involves either building siege weapons to reach it or taking the tower its located in. Most players will not build a trebuchet outside of a tower, since they’re such a high priority target.

The cannon is a keep mounted weapon that can be used in the defense of a keep. It has three skills, fire which is a normal attack, Grapeshot which applies bleeding, and Ice Shot which applies freezing. It’s best to alternate between the attacks. Think of it like an arrow cart, but built into a keep.


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