Guild Wars 2 Skill

It takes a little practice with the recent changes to the camera when operating, but after a few test fires you’ll quickly be raining down death on your opponents. No only does it deal massive damage, but it also knocks opponents down. Its range can reach both the Windmill and the Mansion with ease so you can provide a great deal of support to your team who are fighting at capture points; choosing not to use the trebuchet, when the opposing team may be using theirs, will really make life difficult for you. The most effective tactic you can have is a “spotter” or “caller” which is one member of your team making use of the gantry around the Clocktower. This individual will quickly be able to tell you where opposing players are, allowing you to change targets when needed, to support your team mates on the ground.

As tempting as it is, ignoring the enemies trebuchet (if it is being operated) will see your team be at a huge disadvantage. Not only does it deal enormous damage, but also knocks anyone back that it hits. If your opposing team are using their trebuchet, stopping them quickly and destroying it will seriously delay their ability to deal massive damage to your team. Having to take time out to repair the trebuchet will buy you valuable time to secure capture points or kill anyone trying to secure the repair kit. If you have decided you are focusing purely on capturing capture points, it’s a good idea to also task yourself with disrupting your opponent’s use of the trebuchet. If you aren’t confident in fighting someone 1 on 1, ask for help. Even if your opponent isn’t using their trebuchet, destroy it anyway. This will stop any of the opposing team who decide to suddenly use it, from doing so and will buy gw2 gold as they go off in search of a repair kit. It might appear a little out of your way but is well worth doing. By yourself, it might take around 60 seconds to disable the enemies trebuchet but this is a small period of time for what will undoubtedly save your team a headache later in the match. You should be aware however that you have to have direct damage skills to harm the trebuchet; conditions are no go!

The Clocktower should be renamed “Please Fire At Me” as it is guaranteed to be the first target for anyone manning the trebuchet. Camping it, although guaranteeing you plenty of combat, will see you barraged constantly that most often than not, will result in your death. Get in, get it captured and get out (preferably through the windows!). If you insist on holding the Clocktower, the best thing to do is stand outside the windows so that you can still see the point but will be out of any trebuchet fire. That way you can jump back in if needed while still calling targets for players approaching other capture points.


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