Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmithing to 500 on a Budget

After quitting the game since September, I’m coming back for the summer, and hopefully the fall, and I’d like to finally start making ascended weapons.

So my idea to help counter that is to use the many Black Lion Kits I have lying around to save a lot of money. I plan on getting soldier’s, rabid, magi’s, and shaman’s weapons from dungeon tokens and salvaging them to get the inscription. Then I plan on making all of the weapons to get to 500 or at least 480 or so, but I plan on salvaging each one with a BLK to get the inscription back before crafting a different type of exotic weapon with the same inscription. This process will also generate several dark matter globs as well, which is always a plus. The only problems are that ectoplasm, orichalcum, and ancient wood are lost in each new generation of the inscription, but at least salvaging allows me to maintain some of them.

I will also use a crafting booster to help reduce the costs as well. According to, I need 23 weapons to get to 500. I’m not sure by how much the booster would reduce that number. I could also stop at 480 or 490 and just make mithrilium, spirit wood residue and upgrade my heaps of bloodstone and crap like that (so I should stock up on obsidian). With all of this combined, I think it could massively defray the cost of getting to 500 in weapon crafting.

I play mainly ele, as well as necro and mesmer, so I was planning on making a dagger first, followed by an axe for necro and a sword for mesmer. I hope that I won’t have to try this with artificer for a while as I hope that fractal daily runs can provide me with an ascended staff eventually (and scepter later on, which I use infrequently), and I’m slowly making the minstrel so I won’t need an ascended focus anytime soon.What do you guys think of this process compared to the normal method for people with more guild wars 2 gold to burn? I won’t start this for another few hours, so please let me know what you think!


Guild Wars 2 Leveling Builds

recommend Staff and Sword/Sword (or GS) for leveling in open pve. Why? Because the Staff is an excellent kiting weapon, especially for Champions when you want to solo them. When you combine the iSwordsman with Chaos Storm he also gets Chaos Armor because of his leap attack.

The illusions are weak at the beginning, especially without traits or the signet. Their main purpose is to grab the aggro, keeping the mobs away from you. The phantasms have a high cd and are killed within seconds, so better rely on clones who have a much lower cd. In general mobs will attack: Phantasms > Mesmer > Clones. If you have no clones summoned but phants only, the mobs much likely will attack you instead of the phants, because your attacks are much more frequent than the phant’s ones. To lose the aggro simply stop to do damage.

Mirror Images is great to start with (make sure to have the staff equipped when using Mirror Images, because staff clones do condition damage with bleeding and burning too), later I’d swap it for the Mantra of Resolve when mobs in higher level zones start to do more condition damage. I also recommend Signet of Inspiration to buff yourself every 10 seconds with a random boon.

Build until Level 79 inclusive:

2 – IV, complete Lornar’s Pass or buy it for 10 silver and 2 skill points
4 – V, X, complete Fields of Ruin and the battle of Fort Trinity (Personal Story) or buy them for 60 silver and 7 skill points
3 – VI, kill the champ krait witch in Timberline Falls or buy it for 10 silver and 2 skill points
3 – III, complete Retribution (Personal Story on Claw Island) or buy it for 10 silver and 2 skill points