Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Twilight Assault

When you head out to enter Twilight Arbor to begin the new explorable dungeon you will be met with a new lobby where you will find Caithe and Turma ahead discussing the situation. Head on up to them to get the story as I am not going to spoil that for you. It is important to note here that ArenaNet has decided to continue with keeping dialogue within the world itself as opposed to cutting away from the world.

When you are ready to begin be sure to choose to take down the Aetherblades to start the new level 80 explorable path.

Twilight Assault Challenge 1: The Ooze Puzzle

After you have fought your way through regular mobs you will find yourself approaching a room holding the amazing duo Slick and Sparki. However, do not get too excited as you are not ready to fight them just yet. The duo sets the room ablaze and leave you behind to find your way past the first puzzle challenge of the dungeon.

Located at the end of the pathway is a gate, but now that the room is on fire, lava elementals begin to spawn to cause you trouble. This puzzle is the type of mechanics that I love to see in dungeons as it goes above and beyond the mundane.

Your objective is to take the oozes to the gears at the end of the pathways to get them moving. Notice that oozes was plural. You must work with your entire team to get there, but be careful, the lava elementals are ready to stop you and you only have a limited time with the ooze pheromone to traverse the flaming paths.

Do not expect it to be that easy though as you can damage the ooze and it can certainly damage you right back. So be weary of where you place those area of effect attacks or you might be starting over several times. Does your team have the coordination it takes to finish the puzzle?

Twilight Assault Challenge 2: Steam Watcher Alarms

Directly following the puzzle is a new area where you of course will have to deal with some regular mobs, but the unique challenge to be aware of is the Steam Watchers. These buggers are like floating alarms, and when they detect you they will continue to summon in veteran Aetherblades to destroy you. React quickly and you should meet success, but if your team lacks attention to detail you might just find yourselves overrun.

I foresee a unique meta-game to this dungeon! Create videos to see how long your group can survive against the constant waves of veteran Aetherblades! This is of course assuming that they attack endlessly. If this is the case, then come back here to the comments and provide us with your video proof of being the best veteran Aetherblade demolishers!

Twilight Assault Challenge 3: Battle With Slick and Sparki

When you have completed the second challenge you will finally arrive in an area with a small cut scene where Scarlet introduces Slick and Sparki and then proceeds to order them to stop you.

In this battle you get a follow-up mechanic from the puzzle room in regards to the pheromone buff and the ooze. During the battle Slick shoots out this oil that Sparki will be setting on fire. The more oil in the field, the greater the toxicity levels. It is your team’s job to lead the ooze around during the fight to clean up the oil spills. If you do not do this the fumes get higher and you can end up taking quite a bit of damage.

Be careful though, the ooze still does damage in melee range and if it dies your entire team will receive 10 stacks of the toxic debuff.

Sparki on the other hand has every intention to throw fire at you left and right during the fight. Other than Sparki’s basic attacks there is the occasional long range AoE spinning fire of doom. Do your best to avoid this as the damage can be quite threatening especially to those up close. The further away the easier it is to avoid the damage.

The duo are a team and if you take one out the other becomes enraged. If Sparki is taken out first, then Slick begins to create more oil pools at a faster rate in order to increase the toxicity even faster. However, if Slick dies first then Sparki ups the heat level in the room and activates some hot foot, first seen in Fractals, and uses the projectile fire attack more often than before.

It is important to note that if you wipe in this fight, both Slick and Sparki will respawn.

Challenge 4: Scarlet’s Factory

When you enter the factory you can feel the tension surrounding the Aetherblades as they actually fear Scarlet and as such begin to fight harder against you. Defeat the Aetherblades in the room and clear a path.

Upon defeating the first path of Aetherblades, you come into contact with a new element in the game: The Holo-Pirate Generator!

In Dragon Bash the Aetherblades had hijacked the hologram generators that were making dragon minion holograms. They are now using it to make an infinite supply of hologram pirates that explode for high damage.

In addition the generator itself has super armor that makes it almost impossible to destroy directly and thus you must lead the holograms back to it in order to get them to explode and destroy the generator. The generator appears several times in the dungeon and gets more complicated as you progress.

Watch out though for that Steam Watcher as it tries to sneak up behind you to sound the alarms!

Twilight Assault Completion, Rewards, Achievements, and Other Updates

We were only lucky enough to see the first half of the dungeon, but perhaps that is the best. For someone like me I prefer to learn about the awesome mechanics of a dungeon from firsthand experience as it has a bit of a wow factor when you first see guild wars 2 gold.

Some of you though are probably wondering what you get as rewards for this dungeon. Introduced with it are new nightmare skins weapons that have a blue color instead of a purple along with some new effects on the weapons.

As your progress through the dungeons you will also receive aether keys that can be utilized to unlock optional chests if you complete the dungeon. It requires five aether keys to unlock just one of the chests. When you complete the dungeon you will be presented with a few optional events. They are designed to be solo-able, so your group is not required, but if your team splits up and completes them all in a single run then you get a special achievement and credit for all.

In addition to the rewards is a new achievement category with all new achievements for the Twilight Assault path. While it is always exciting to complete a new instance if you are not level 80 yet you do not have to worry about missing out on Twilight Assault. Keeping with their promise, the new Guild Wars 2 dungeon Twilight Assault is permanent content along with its achievements for the game.


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