Guild Wars 2 Farming Mystic Coins

Riddle me this, how do you acquire karma, (enough) mystic coins, enough glob of ecto to do anything with the forge? Do you also realise that, for instance, doing your daily every day can also be called farming mystic coins? That is what I would call it. I go into wvw for fun, but I certainly check how many badges I get every time, since I want to have a legendary weapon. If I play wvw for a few hours I’ll enjoy it. But on top of that I am also “farming” badges. Who are you to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, what I can or cannot do in the game? If you wish to give a lecture about how “bad” farming is. Perhaps you should realise that if you repeat ANY kind of content with the goal of collecting any kind of item is essentially called farming. If you kill 20 of the same few monsters, congratulations, you are farming.

And lets not even get into the problems with using the mystic forge after your so-called 20 monster kills. After 20 kills, you’ll have nothing to throw into the forge but porous bones. You need to kill a significant amount to have anything to put in the MF or to put on the TP. Killing a significant amount will result in farming, unless you suggest just running around killing random stuff. It’s rather difficult to get enough karma to get anything worthwhile when you’re killing random stuff. It’ll have to mean doing events. Doing events will have the inherent “problem” (your opinion, not mine) that you need to farm. Afterall, you’re not going to do content that gives less reward for the same effort right? That’s like getting a high degree in some subject and then becoming a dishwasher at a restaurant (nothing wrong with dishwashers). As a level 80 (did you reach that yet or are you just a forum warrior?) you’re not going to do level 5 events…

Again, you are taking things off topic. We were discussing the problems currently involved with accumulating cheap gw2 gold and items in order to obtain legendary weapons. Do not try to speak for Arena Net if you do not share their views. I have previously linked that they like farmers and approve of that. If you find them stating outright that farming is bad, then feel free to paste that. Until that time, stop taking this off topic by expressing your opinion about how “bad” farming is.


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