Guild Wars 2 Farm a Legendary with Only PVP

I want to be able to farm for a legendary with only PVP with fair progression amounts. The new current system I feel was poorly designed for doing this. I have no use for dungeon armors or weapons so the new system does not appeal to players like me. Farming for a legendary in PVP should still be balanced with PVE. The rewards should have a similar progression time to PVE.

I want to be able to PVP for my legendary. For example, the two mystic clover reward for an entire track is not enough when you need 77 of them. Not all tracks even have mystic clovers. A repeatable mystic clover track should exist that gives you many more mystic clovers as your end reward and not armors/weapons that I do not want or need. To make the mystic clover track more fun, since a mystic clover is based on luck, then the range could be something like 5-25 mystic clovers for completing a mystic clover track.

A track for tier 6 materials should also exist. At the end you can get a bunch of tier 6 materials for completing the track. You could sell the tier 6 materials you do not need on the trading post to buy the ones that you do need. Specific ones could be added such as ancients bones, but that would be much harder to balance due to the price fluctuations of T6 materials. A trading post and bank could be added to PVP to help with this.

Obviously other awards along the way can be given such as champion bags, tomes of knowledge, and obsidian shards. Other specific tracks for other legendary materials could also exist.

A precursor is extremely difficult to get in PVE and that would have to be balanced a similar way in PVP. For balance purposes, you would have to complete something ridiculous like 50 tracks.

If you farm really hard then you can make about guild wars 2 gold in a day of PVE. Good precursors are about 900 gold and that would take about 30 days of farming.If you farm really hard in PVP for two days then you can complete about 1 track. 50 tracks would take about 100 days to complete. Keep in mind you would also get other rewards along the way such as gold, mystic clovers from specific tracks, and T6 materials from specific tracks. 50 tracks would then be balanced with PVE.

Let me know what you guys think. Keep in mind the dungeon tracks could still stay and the legendary tracks would be for more advanced players who already have their dungeon sets. I would absolutely love to be able to farm a legendary with PVP in a fair way compared to PVE.


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