How to Make Gold In Guild Wars 2?

Best ways to make gold? you’ve got four options:

1) Champ Farming:
This is by far the most boring thing also very low profit yield BUT! doesn’t have a cap on profit and can be done by anyone.

Fastest way to make gw2 gold and if you speed run it (legit speed runs not pug ones) it will net you the fastest gold per time profit. I make 10 gold a day doing my rotations easily (I have over 100+ MF though so some money is from drops) and I pug everything(yes, it sucks don’t pug). But there is a money investment. Zerk gear depending on your class it can punch a hole in your wallet. If you refuse to run zerk/meta gear you can pug but it takes (a lot) more time.

3) Flipping:
This one is the most difficult to do and has a money investment (cant do much with under 10 gold). It’s slow at first but over time your profit will go up (the margin will be about the same). in addition you may need to have crafting up to a certain point in some flipping situations (like when iron ore to steel ingots was a thing).

If you want to just buy your legendary(yes you can do that) this is the way to go. Note there isn’t really guides for this so if you don’t want to learn/aren’t good enough/losing money go to option 2 or 4.

4) Selling Dungeon Paths:

arah p4 is usally sold at around 20 gold per slot so if you can solo it thats 80 gold plus the money you make from the dungeon. you do it with a full party but then you dont make as much since you spliting that 80 gold. Note soloing arah is NOT easy the bosses and the vets hit hard and path 3 and 4 are locked to certain classes (ie a ranger cannot do orbs in P3 and P4). Note other paths can be sold but at a much lower price arah path p1 and p2 will net you more gold than P3 (path three is a snooze fest for most groups).


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