Guild Wars 2 PvE

This is the exact mentality and problem I was talking about in regards to necromancers being discriminated against as much as rangers even though ideal ranger builds bring more to a group than a necro can. If we keep saying that its okay to just take another class over necro, or over ranger for gw2 gold, we are gimping future progress for the balance and inclusion of all professions in high level PvE. Rangers just need maybe a minor DPS increase and their sword auto to be more dodge friendly and better pet management mechanics to be amazing in PvE. Necros just need a way to cleave besides their burst AoEs and they need some form of unique group support that boosts the damage of the entire party in a significant way, and perhaps some way to allow their group to avoid damage in a significant way other than blinds, but the damage reason is much more needed.

But until then we can’t run bearbow ranger builds or condition necromancer builds when we PUG. We need to show the pug community that our classes can contribute in a meaningful way and that we aren’t useless leeches. If I carry a bad pug on my necro, it contributes positively to the reputation of necromancers in PvE. If I run bearbow in a level 30 fractal, it detracts from the image of rangers in PvE. Basically we need to lead by example, until Anet introduces the much needed balance changes to shift the paradigm more in our favor. I believe these classes could be easily improved in obvious ways for PvE, and until that day comes I will play their best PvE builds to try and fight the discrimination on pug at a time.

Rangers are fine in casual runs since you’re not trying to min/max anyways otherwise you’d just run 1 war 2 ele 1 thief for everything. Teamwork, playstyle and maintaining buffs are more important than having a perfect team composition in PUGs.They have little to no representation in speed runs (Record runs to clear) and I don’t see them being used any time soon for anything serious


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