why do we wait 2 weeks to release more content that’s part of the same content we got pryor

why do we wait 2 weeks to release more content that’s part of the same content we got pryor? is it to drag it out to make it seem like we’re getting more then we really are or what am i missing?

I think it’s to stagger content and make people feel the need to keep playing. I am personally against the concept of the LS as it exists now, but here are some reasons for 2 week released:

-A net is big on the “casual gamer,” ie people who play a few hours a week after work and have families and can’t devote their whole life to this game. Since they do time sensitive achievements for evolving stories, it allows these players to still participate and not get mowed over.

-The LS generally affects the world in some way through events or catastrophic changes like we witnessed in Lion’s Arch. It would be unreasonable to release this all in one package if it is intended to work as a community event. Sure, you could have it in an Expansion where a lot of it is instance based, but this way seems to have a more immersed feel when you think about how the loss of a town affects everyone, or how a previously peaceful zone is now totally riddled with events and intruders.

Now for the cynical:
I feel that they’re doing this to try to satiate the players. I know many who would have quit, myself included, if it wasn’t for the aspect that we’d be missing something by not staying. I don’t enjoy PVE unless it’s making me money. I’d rather sit there and not do anything than venture out and do something that doesn’t earn me anything. I like the game to be pretty of course, but if I’m not seeking a skin or getting gw2 gold or being “compensated” in some way, I’m not doing it.

The adding of achievement points that are expiring helps keep people like me playing. I don’t want to NOT get them, as achievement points do get me more rewards chests and all that garbage, plus a lot of these events give one time only items or minis, which I hate that I feel compelled to get. I hate the living story but I keep playing because they don’t stop them. It is an infuriating cycle.


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