Guild Wars 2 Combat

What I would like to look at and discuss is GW2 combat game play overall. Combat styles & mechanics not focusing on single professions or single elements but seeing how each element interacts in the overall combat and the non combat elements in GW2.
Looking at:

  • Is it fun & rewarding (Overall)?
  • Is it fun & rewarding compared to other elements?
  • Can improvements be made or are desired?

To start off with I find GW2 combat experience very engaging & enjoyable. I play and enjoy all three game modes PvE, sPVP & WvW. And as such I find I can play any game play style and feel like high level game play is available for these styles in GW2.

It’s when I start to look at GW2’s game modes as individual and independent game modes that I start to feel some game play styles are excluded from high end game play and it’s mainly the PvE game mode.

This is because of the nature of PvE encounters. PvE encounters can be learned and mastered with optimal roles/builds/skills/gear & items being found for each encounter (if there are no changes in the base encounter).


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