Guild Wars 2 Condition Burst

Due to various balancing and server load issues, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the condition cap removed or separate condition stacks for each player, so I had a crazy thought: how about condition bursts?

The basic idea is that you still have a cap on condition damage, but once the cap is hit the condition stack will instantly “burst” for its damage multiplied by remaining time left on the stack (so that condition damage and condition duration would remain desirable stats); once the condition has burst, it will wipe the condition and allow players to start building stacks again (possibly with a short buff that prevents additional stacks of that particular buff from being applied for a couple seconds, to mitigate possible condition burst spam).

This would allow multiple condition build characters to participate in group events without becoming uselessly redundant, provide a means for said characters to burst those massive HP pools that bosses enjoy, and introduce a new cooperative dynamic beyond the standard combos.

Of course, I understand that this would make conditions even more devastating in PvP/WvW, so perhaps instead of a straight damage * remaining time burst, it can be a burst for a percentage of health (of which is determined by condition damage and duration stats).

The idea is worth considering, but I think a simple single “burst” that would clear the stack damage all at once would be WAY OP. My thought has always been for the existing system to allow for an added packet of direct damage (based on stats already being kept up with by the stack code) when a stack becomes maxed and condition damage is “over applied”. Again, I’m sure the issue is limited computing resources that must be “managed” across an entire zone.

I think both players and Devs feel something needs guild wars 2 gold, but I’m guessing the Devs have experimented with solutions and have come up empty handed on an acceptable solution.


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