Guild Wars 2 Making Money

There’s much more to the game Guild Wars past pre-searing (the tutorial part of the game), yet theres a community of players that never leave it. Pre has a charm of it’s own compared to the rest of Prophecies and other campaignes. Pre is small and easy to solo, but most of all, it’s the helpful nature of the people that remain there. It isn’t without it’s share of trolls and whatnot, but you’ll notice a big difference in the attitudes and helpfullness of the players. The March 3rd 2011 update gave players another reason to stick around – for a little while at the least. They’ve made it easier to achieve the title Legendary Defender of Ascalon (reaching level 20 in Pre) which was once a very tedious and near impossible title to get. They introduced daily Vanguard quests that upon completion give you 1000xp. This update also made getting the title Survivor possible to get in Pre. Whether you’re just here for titles or staying permanently, you might as well make a bit of gold while you’re here

First and foremost is Nicholas Sandford and his Gifts of the Hunter. Each account is entitled to recieving what we call GOTH’s. They are gifts that you trade to Nicholas for 25 of his daily desired item. The gifts can be opened and items from it can be used towards other titles such as Sweet tooth, Drunkard and Party animal. Should you choose not to open them (which makes them easier to sell), you can sell the gifts for 320-350 gold each. Some people choose to open the gifts and sell the items. This will get you more cheap guild wars 2 gold in the long run, however you’ll probably spend more time finding buyers. If you’re patient and don’t mind standing around selling things for a while, then this is definitely the way to go. You can get 5 gifts per day, per account.


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