Guild Wars 2 Weekend Arah Tour

I’m going to be doing an Arah tour (all paths) Saturday and Sunday morning, approx 0900 PST. I will take any and all comers (well, just 4 more I guess, as I can’t run 2 accounts at the same time). You can be whatever class you want provided you KNOW YOUR CLASS. I’m very well qualified to teach warriors, pretty decent with guardians, and have general knowledge of eles, mesmers, and thieves, but I don’t know much about engis, necros or rangers, so I will expect you to know how to adapt to a situation that is presented to you. This doesn’t mean that the cool kidz from the forums who know Arah inside and out can’t come though! I just wanna have fun, and if I can help people understand/learn more, all the better!

I expect you to have:
Melee weapons (unless you’re an engi, then I’ll leave it up to you what to bring)
Undead Slaying potions
Life-steal food (Candied dragon rolls are great) or another dps food
One ranged weapon for Melandru (haven’t gotten that melee spot down yet)
A really good attitude
Teamspeak (a microphone isn’t necessary, but I don’t want to have to type out all my instructions)

Additionally, I request that all my trainees, warrior or not, watch this video. Brazil did an amazing job showing exactly how to melee Lupicus (apply what he said to your class). We will not be ranging Lupi at all, so be prepared for melee.

If you want to join the fun, please put your name down here. This will be a first come, first serve basis. We will start with p4 and work our way backwards. You don’t need to stay for gw2 gold us, so if you just need p4 for you DM title, I don’t mind if you leave after one dungeon. I’d hope I’ll have more people waiting for someone to drop.


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