Some suggestion for meleeing Lupi In Guild Wars 2

Unfortunately phase 2 is about 90% RNG and 10% skill. It doesn’t take long to learn when you’re supposed to evade, but you have no control over the ‘random’ projectiles. Keep in mind each entity is only targeted twice, so the two projectiles that you evade while hit at the exact same times every time with the addition of X random projectiles that can either land in completely different locations to where you are, or directly on top of you. There is virtually no way that you can control this other than projectile blocks/invulnerability or evasions.

You shouldn’t ever be in endurance deficit really aside from phase 3. Sometimes really unfortunate RNG on phase 3 requires immediate access to dodge rolls/evasions. If you use FGS, you’ll find phase 3 a breeze and I suggest 66200 with energy sigil instead of renewing stamina. Reason being you want that extra damage modifier and if endurance is needed, can swap attunements. Since each skill with FGS will only count as one attack, you won’t really benefit too much from renewing stamina. If you aren’t using guild wars 2 gold, renewing stamina is a lot more useful and you should take that over energy sigil and you’ll have essentially perma-vigour.

The sigils I suggest depending on what you’re using:
D/F without FGS and 66002 traits:
-Dagger with 1x Superior Sigil of Strength (or Undead Slaying)
-Focus with 1x Superior Sigil of Battle (or Undead Slaying)

I think I recall Particlar saying Battle sigil helped him maintain ~20 stacks of might in a solo setting with Strength runes, not sure. Either way, Strength sigil is very good on an ele with Strength runes!

D/F with FGS and 66200 traits:
-Dagger with 1x Superior Sigil of Battle (or Undead Slaying)
-Focus with 1x Superior Sigil of Energy


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