Chaos Weapons Need More Love In Guild Wars 2

I really like the concept of glowing white weapons which would especially fit guardians with radiant skins (yes, I like unrealistic glowy stuff!), but I can’t help but say that the models look unrefined.

The meshes almost feel like these are starter white (no pun intended) weapons with simple glow over them. They do not feel ethereal or refined, they lack that texture which things like Ley Line skins or Jade skins had and made them good, or that detailing of Fused or Mistforged weapons, or uniqueness of Dreamthistle ones. I was personally excited to get a white hammer skin for my guardian because I didn’t want to wait till another WvW tournament, but after seeing it I decided it lacked polygons and looked small and uninspiring.

Against Altering Existing Skins
As some players may prefer these models to more stylized and inspired models, I do not think these (or anything) should be changed after being released (e.g. human female running animation). Ideally they should release a Variations of Chaos set that involves more inspired models with the same chaos effects.

Another Solution – Dyeable Weapons; Dyes with Effects
They could also work toward releasing an item that we can use that applies the Chaos effects to our existing weapons so we can have the model we desire with the Chaos effects on them (i.e. weapon dying that also sees the release of dyes that add specific effects to weapons, such as Chaos effects).

I have been waiting for their designers to step up their inspiration toward something more like these (attached image) weapons. They are fully capable of making such detailed and styled models and effects for weapons (and armors), they just choose not to for whatever reason(s).

So far they have fallen far short in providing very many thoughtfully designed sets. They have released some elements of sets that look inspired, detailed and finished, yet other pieces of the same set look rushed, generic, thrown together last minute and released unfinished.

There is also the issue of sets being released that lack all underwater weapon pieces entirely. I applaud them for at least making the effort to include the generic models of underwater weapons with the chaos effects in this set. It’s a small step, but at least it shows that they seemingly intend to buy gw2 gold in their weapon skin sets.

ANet can have such amazing weapons (and armors) with inspired design details and effects that they have shown they are capable of and have at their disposal, yet these unimaginative, uninspired, generic and half-hearted designs are what they keep pumping out.

Please, ANet, utilize your designing abilities and talents to their full extent and release such designs we know you are fully capable of producing.


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