What’s Balance Team Doing Utilizing Their In Time Guild Wars 2

The idea that there has to be an entry level for new players is somewhat true, but this entry level setup should have a higher survivability and low success, not 0 success, but low! A player should have the idea that (s)he can actually survive ‘this’ if they were to put in more effort and learn, and the skills should give the player the option to at least make gw2 gold eu, and likely kill in a 2v1 situation, or against a newer player on an other profession.

The comparison here can be made with the ‘Noob Toob’ from (was it modern warfare?) an FPS game (first person shooter), as the first unlock on the base weapon. It got a lot of complaints due to it’s splash (high to moderate to low – on – direct to close to proximity) damage on a moderate recharge. This meant that a noob could chuck these things in a choke point, or in the general direction of gun fire, and be able to get a kill off (either by direct hit, or by hitting an already low on HP player). As you increased your unlocks better options and strategies unlocked for the player … And this is all fine and dandy, the problem comes when such an option remains the best option, and no other/better strategies unlock, or such an option becomes part of a cheesy ‘exploit’ like fighting technique…

And I feel like the warrior might be somewhat suffering from this (given that the latest patch might change some things a bit – although personally I have my doubts). It seems to come with ‘noob’ protection as a base quality, and progresses to unlock more damage, but the ‘noob’ protection doesn’t diminish as the power increases, and the power progresses to pretty much the highest in the game… That IS a problem, because now you have moderate to high skilled players ‘basically exploiting’ a profession due to the lack of weaknesses at the higher skill sealing. And there are no ‘unlock’ options for other players that move on beyond the warrior, to give more interesting and more powerful strategies to them at a ‘higher risk’…

Now to be fair, the Warrior should be a viable profession at the higher skill levels, there is no reason to deem one whole profession as a ‘Noob Toob’. Actually all professions should more then likely have a ‘Noob Toob’ equivalent. But as players progress the options and power should increase, at the expense of loosing the ‘Noob Toob’ setup.


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