Guild Wars 2 Human Hairstyle

Alright so I know that during the assault each race got three new hairstyles. It’s super appreciated! A lot of people really like them.

However, this request is to give human females (and male?) a regular ponytail. Now I know, “But wait, Mint, human females have a side ponytail!” Oh gosh, I know I promise. However, I’m a girl in real life, and I think I can speak for enough of us who have the length to do it? We all have those days where we shove our hair into a simplistic ponytail on the back of our heads and call it done. It’s out of the way. You can make it pretty if you’d like. Add some sultry side bangs or make gw2 gold eu .

I’d like to point out that asura, norn, and sylvari all have a long, normal ponytail (whereas I think it would be hilarious on a charr it may not exactly fit), so why don’t humans?

I know that if you gave humans another hairstyle, you’d have to for all the other races. Luckily, there’s been plenty of provided material on site in hopes that the artists will take something (and Ree mentioned in a livestream to my memory that hairstyles are something she enjoys making / playing around with).

Alas, this would be my biggest request. Not guild halls or more clothes. Just. . . a regular ponytail.


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