Minor Suggestions For Consideration In Guild Wars 2

I am very much enjoying the game! It even got my 63 year old mom to make an account and she loves it too. That is saying something. That being said I have some minor suggestions I think might make the game even better and I hope they are considered. This is just to add my voice and hopefully other chime in if they feel the same.

– Ranger pet names should be attached to pet or slot. It is kind of a pain to have to rename and worry about that all the time! I know other games have this.

– Things like minis and endless potions should be controlled from the utility bar or somewhere else. It’s a pain to switch out and click on and do all this other stuff if you want to use them! I think they would be used a lot more if this were changed!

– Being allowed to trade with other players. It is kind of a pain to have to send mail all the time to give someone gw2 gold us.

– You should be able to turn off callouts if you choose to. It kinda gets old to hear “This rose has thorns, and here they are.” and the like a million times. I think we should be allowed to turn them off.

– Allow us to put crafting components into a collectibles area. They take up a lot of room and considering we don’t get much anyway. I think that should be something players would appreciate.

– Also, and I know this might be useless, but I really would like mounts!

These are just a few things to add and consider. I figure I am not the only one with some of these so adding my voice to the mix might help get them implemented. Fell free to comment below if you agree with any of these.


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