Warrior Lonbow In Guild Wars 2

Having waited a while before posting my thoughts on the Adrenaline nerf, I think the revelation of the Balancing Act post is my cue.

It seems that the Adrenaline nerfs were a reaction to the excess utility of the Longbow, and not the adrenaline mechanic itself.
-Longbow AA generates adrenaline quickest of all weapons, and at range.
-Longbow Burst does not require it to hit anything to activate Cleansing Ire

That’s without mentioning the might-stacking capability that only Longbow can bring, as a warrior. There’s no question as to why Longbow is practically mandatory in PvP.

Every other weapon has a much harder time both building adrenaline, and landing a burst skill, because of any combination of activation time, animation telegraph, and travel distance/range.

Now, I won’t argue that burst and adrenaline management didn’t need a nerf, but perhaps losing all adrenaline on a miss, when it is so easy to miss without longbow, is a harsh penalty. Assuming the ease of landing a burst skill with other weapons will not be changed, I propose the following solutions:
-Require longbow to hit on the initial strike in order to activate cleansing ire. This requirement may also extend to creating the fire field, I feel the former change is enough. This removes one of the massive advantages and reasons for using longbow over other weapons.
-Instead of losing all adrenaline, lose 1 or 2 bars of adrenaline per miss. Traited with Burst mastery, this can be reduced to 1/2 or 1 bar of adrenaline. This is to balance out the ease with which burst skills can be avoided.

On the note of adrenaline generation: without traiting specifically for cheap gw2 gold, warriors actually gain very little adrenaline over the course of a fight, with the exception of course of Berserker Stance. Taking adrenaline traits when they compete for slots with Berserker’s Power, Last Chance/Dual Wield Agility, DotE, and even Warrior’s Sprint is, in most cases, an unfair choice.
Perhaps adrenaline gain should be looked at again, especially if a full adrenaline loss is planned. The secondary effect of Cleansing Ire, which I’ll admit I wasn’t even aware of until it was pointed out during the Skillbar warrior episode release, would make sense as an inherent part of the warrior profession; one would become increasingly agitated as one is being hit. Changes of this sort might encourage warriors away from Cleansing Ire and Signet of Rage, which seem to be the most popular (if not mandatory) components of a working warrior build.

Edit: That second bit about Adrenaline Regen—not really part of the post, more like thinking out loud. Mostly Fix LB interaction with CI to put it in line with other weapons


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