How Does X2 Shatter Mes Work In Guild Wars 2

One of my least favorite classes to fight is a mesmer, specifically the Shatterer Mesmer. I just can’t seem to counter them and get very frustrated. I need some help understanding how this class deals its damage/plays with this build because I’ve looked at the build and still don’t understand how I can counter it. I’m hoping a third party explanation will be more clear.

Basically right now I try to fight a mesmer by using my AoEs (engineer) to take out his clones while dealing damage. There’s a few issues for me right now. One is everytime I dodge his shatterers or take out a clone, another one or phantasm seems to immediately replace it. I also don’t know who to watch. I usually try to watch animations in this game and I have so much trouble with mesmers. Do I watch the mesmer himself? What about his phantasms? Sometimes I take a lot of damage despite the mesmer just auto attacking me with his sword which leads me to believe it must be the phantasms. How do I counter them without the mesmer taking advantage of my shift of focus? I try to negate all the damage he throws at me but it seems like the minute I stop dodging or blocking I take 1/3 of my hp in a second. Then you have portal, how does one counter the portal? I see the entry portal placed down and I know if I leave say home point he will portal in possibly with friends. What do I do in this situation? Just sit there watching the portal?

Right now mesmer is the main class for me that frustrates me to the point losing the desire to sPvP and I think it’s due to a lack of understand of the class and I’d really like some help on understanding him. Right now combat log, experience, and videos/spectator aint doing a thing for me.

Best way to deal with most Shatter mesmers as an engi since they have no condi removal is to learn to play around the CD on your 7sec burning proc. You basicly want to single target the mesmer ONLY when thats up to get cheap gw2 gold then you can use your aoe to clear phants and blocking/kiting/stealthing abilities to wait out the duration then repeat. Poison when it wants to heal. Dodge the izerker and mirrorblade. Your bouncing confusion bolt is also very well suited to fighting mesmers – will hit the mesmer twice (if timed correctly you can blind 2 important attacks). Do NOT underestimate the power of kit swapping on top of the mesmer, the poison/bleed/burn you can proc from your sigils and trait is very strong.

Just beware of the GS ranged damage and work through that process of burn proc (best with a weapon switch) and aoe pressure inbetween while dodging mirrorblade and izerker – you have a good chance of killing it but mesmer GS is a very strong weapon vs engis so don’t get too sad if you lose. Remember clever mesmers will try to trick you into burning their clones as it gives them 10secs where you aren’t as threatening to them – keep track of your burning.


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