Guild Wars 2 PvP New Modes Suggestions

Relay Match- An 1v1 encounter with a max of 8 players per team on small maps with possible 2 small opening for ring outs,2 and half minutes per round, players have 15 sec to choose their order without the other team knowing, non fighting players are spectators, survivors of each round gain 8% of their health back on beginning of next one. Down state is prevented in this mode.

Death Match-An max 12v12 encounter on a big map with environmental buffs for swiftness,2k heal and 3 might stacks with a 25 sec respawn .Match length can be chosen from 10 minutes to 25 minutes,all players fight each other to death and have 10 sec to respwawn with a 5 sec invulnerability, home of respawn can be accessible to other team. Points are based on opposite kills, killing your self out does not provide points. Down state is prevented in this mode.

-Maps :
Dark Order’s Castle : A multi-platform room with jump “tablets” to access different smaller fighting areas,mid bridge linking both respawn spots,linear river under bridge for possible ring outs. Open respawn home,only heal buffs present.

Merchant Road : A bazarre 2 story like environment with 2 different respawn spots : a big room with a alley to buy gw2 gold, city door entrance with stairs. Upper level is accessible through stairs and include kiting areas for range classes but have an 800(considering highest range) distance from reach of the respawn spots, only swiftness and might buffs present.

Team match : A max 5v5 encounter with a medium cage like arena,3 rounds with a 5 minutes length,does not stop until all rounds are completed. Two types of reward, win or lose reward and player support. Players do not respawn until the whole team is defeated or time has expired. Down state is allowed in this mode.

-Maps :
Svanir’s Cells : Round and flat ice like arena with no wall to stop ring outs. Icicles can drop from the ceiling but create a red circle before impact.

Burning Plain : Burned and ravaged village, can get burned by environment,does not count as combo field.

The Pit : A swamp with medium pounds allowing for minimal water combat,staying in water too long poisons you.

Just giving out ideas.

Edit : The idea is to create other modes than conquest that won’t end up being exactly WvW like, basically giving more choices for different types of people who might feel like their builds are lesser effective in conquest and for the belief of other builds being too effective,also creating modes that don’t need down state.


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