Guild Wars 2 New Activity – Snowboarding!

As much as I like the idea for it as a gw2 unique minigame, I’m also for it, that Anet first and foremost should finally do, what they should have done already for the game release date and implement finally all those missing Minigame Activities, that should have been in the game from begin on.

  • Polymock
  • Bar Brawls
  • Shooting Range

just to name the 3 most known ones which we are waiting for 2 years now and Bar Brawl Achievements were already in the game and got removed (whyever!)

ANet should hold finally onto their words and make out of the explorable Toowns, what they said what towns should be like in GW2.

Entertaining unique places, full of activities, which you want to revisit everytime every now and then.

But currently, all the towns (except Divinities reach, even due to missing all its activities) are nothign else than freaking ghost towns mostly since 2 years and not compareable with DR in regard of its felt lifeliness.

ANet once said, that GW2 would have later over several douzens of different activities if I fremember myself right!I ask myself, where the heck all those activities are. We have currently only like a hand full and blecher buff I don’t count as activity, because its not pvp centric, like all the other activities like sanctum sprint, crab catching or southsun survival.Just as a noite, all these 3 activities we got gw2 gold eu so far came only into the game because of living story season 1 as part of the patches….

I can’t be, that we see only new activities being added to the game, when a living story patch introduces them…. or do we have to wait now, until living story season 546, until we finally get Polymock, because of the story getting finally somehow to Rata Sum in a way, that enables ANet to give the patch a reason, why polymock is finally there?


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