Wrongfully Bans in Blade & Soul

More than likely you have spammed a message over and over, annoying enough people that they reported you for spamming OR that you spammed it enough in a short period of time that it triggered our detection system. It’s not one report from one player that causes insta-ban, but there is a threshold that is met before the ban takes place. So, lesson number 1: don’t spam your message because it IS annoying. This goes for WTB messages, LFP messages, Clan recruitment messages (outside of the automated messages that LFP and Clan Recruitment post), and anything else that falls under spam category.

Yes, this system also has potential for abuse. There is no perfect system that allows for us to achieve our goals and you to achieve yours. Gold spam was a huge complaint, so we enacted measures to stay on top of it. We’ll be doing the same for Blade & Soul Gold. If it becomes a scenario that the system of reporting is resulting in significant player abuse, we’ll re-evaluate and weigh the benefits of having fewer people on a temporary ban (“temporary” because as soon as you submit an appeal, it will get lifted) with more gold spam in the channels.

Finally, some people may have reported you for spamming when you wrote some pretty heinous stuff in Faction/Region chat. It’s not spam, per se, but since there’s no clear way to report players for inappropriate conduct in the game, there is a possibility that enough people didn’t like what you said and submitted a spamming report.

Be a respectable human being online (not annoying, not offensive) so that other ppl won’t report you so you won’t get a ban”, NC Elusive

Because the community was very strong in voicing their displeasure at seeing all the gold spam that happened in the game, we enacted a lot of measures that would help us keep on top of Blade And Soul Items. Being falsely flagged as spamming through player reports is an unfortunate side effect.

Some players have legitimately spammed their “WTB XXXX” messages over and over and deserve to be reported with a temp ban because that shit is annoying and it is spamming. It’s not RMT but it is spamming and it does affect the player experience as much as gold spam does”, NC Elusive

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