Controller support is needed in Blade & Soul

I love this game, the action combat is so fluid and it takes something that’s usually daunting, tedious and downright boring and makes it fun. I’m talking about getting from point A to point B. Most games your character slowly walks from one place to the next and that is boring and when the game is 95% travel like most mmorpg’s are, spicing that up with speed running, wall running and gliding just makes the entire game much more enjoyable. Mounts have been done and even flying mounts are not this fun.

Anywho a bit off-topic there but the point I am trying to make is that with the action-combat and speed run-jump-glide-dive and back into a speed run/wall run etc. It would all be much easier to do on my controller vs using a keyboard/mouse. KB/Mouse is ideal for games that require aiming(IE: FPS’s) but this game would be made 50% funner (IMO) with full controller support.

I was actually doing some heavy google searching and found this out before you posted. I was gonna come back and edit to state that but ya beat me to it. Good to know though.

It would be nice if they worked it like most games though and the controller just worked when ya plug it instead of having to look for a semi-hidden setting. I mean I know it’s not really hidden Blade-Soul Gold, it’s right there but still kinda buried at the top of the humungo stack of game settings and if you don’t know to look for it, it can cause some frustrations.

It annoys me how it disallows me to use certain buttons for certain things. I can’t even map the B button to anything and that’s a complete waste of a prime button. Also as I mentioned, being able to toggle the sprint would be much better.

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