Blade & Soul: I play on 7 years old PC

I play on 7 years old PC (since my laptop GPU is worse) fullfilling recommended specifications and with every update game works worse.

Didn’t change any hardware, but installed some tweaks for latency and memory leak, whick helped a lot, but regardless it’s still going worse with each update.

Guessing next attack ahead in PvE or fighting with unresponsible/delayed skills in arena PvP is not pleasant at all.

Don’t jump on “buy new PC”. I will. Waiting for April when prices are lowest due to new technology being released.
Just that from reading topics of people with new computers having issues, dunno if that will fix anything.

Ctrl+F is your friend. Hiding other players in large fights makes a huge difference in frame rate, and also makes it a lot easier to see the boss’s mechanics.

After the last maintenance on the 24th I have been getting like 1 or 2 sec freezes for no reason. I ran the game completely fine since CBT up until the Feb 23rd.

Can’t even fight black wyrm as we got more Blade And Soul Gold, the lag wasn’t that bad but once I died I couldn’t rez so I logged out to reset, came back and got kicked from channel even though I stayed in the group and the channel was full. Pretty ridiculous

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