Moonwater Tears of Blade & Soul

Well i already push the price for Moonwater Tears to 80s over night. As soon as we get the 50 Patch when almost everyone who farmed brightstone as activ as i do leaves the zone and starts leveling to 50 prices will be even more expensiv. Less people farming means higher prices.

Now because you still need Moonwater Stones to upgrade your leveling items between 40 and 50 as long as the recipe for merry potter only drops in brigtstone (not sure if it also drops at 50 in any dungeon) the price for the recipe will go back to 60g+ where it was a couple weeks ago.

Yeah sure as 50 you could farm lower dungeons really easy but who has the time to do that instead of gearing up at 50. At least within the first few weeks almost everything will to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Its the same with SS. They are even more expensiv now that you get so many. They wont drop in price just because you can farm them at 50 without pvp.

It goes on EU for 1,5-2 gold and the normal fabric goes for 4-5 gold, it seems like the prices are reversed: shouldn’t be the HQ fabric more expensive? There is a transmutation tab where u can get HQ Fabric by transmuting 20 normal fabric + 5.50 gold. I dont know if this is a bug or just useless or the market is fucked up, but I think that when guilds start making the guild costumes the prices will go up a lot. Its a really really long term investment tho

The drop rate of them wasn’t even that great. The only item I feel they affected was Moonwater Keys, and boy oh boy if only I searched those when they were at 2g but never thought of it. I also called the SS price increase, but became skeptic due to everyone else calling me out so I sold out at 24s each sadly… I do this often unfortunately.

I doubt Machismo’s will go for much more than the perfumes are going for now. These materials will probably drop and be cheap af like the Infernal Horns and Blight Fangs. Safest bet is the Fabrics easily Blade And Soul Items, I remember buying them for 20s on first week of release when no one knew they’d be useful later (guild crafting). Hard to call what will go up.

I’ve read Soulstones no longer can be received from faction dailies when you get 50? Can’t remember the source. Either way I know they will always stay pretty high, the only reason they dropped was because the player base drop and us being stagnanted at True Siren prior to Feb 10th patch. Now that the amount needed to upgrade increased so much it drove prices back up. This coupled with them throwing patches at us so quickly makes it so everyone is rushing to progress, thus making it hard for things to stabilize.

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