Maybe if they made changes mid-albion online someone can explain how they did it?

When Destiny Board Balance Changes happen…

Will we keep fame and get refunded lp for the Albion Online Gold trees that get reworked? Have devs said how they’re going to handle this? I really hope they have a refund lp system already in place but even refunding lp the numbers will still be wonky if values change. You’d still be spending fame/lp at different points.

For Example:
A skill currently takes 100,000 fame +50 lp to get to next step so I earn 100k, spend those 50 lp and kept grinding another 200k fame
Devs Balance to make it only 50k fame +25 lp (hopefully they’re being nice and we keep fame and get lp refunded)
But now it is like I earned 300k fame at first step but didn’t have the chance to spend lp at the 50k mark like someone after the balance would

Maybe if they made changes mid-alpha someone can explain how they did it? Or if they’ve said how it works somewhere that Im not finding on google and someone could point me to it that’d be great. Its beta but we’re all putting considerable time in here Albion Online Power Leveling to help test so it would be nice not to get completely hosed now either..


Albion Online repair and reroll are really neat tools

just a few things i think would be neat

Because the developers of Albion are very active and looking to the Cheap Albion Online Gold community I figure it couldn’t hurt to throw so ideas out there, let me know what you think.
1) I think fame required for a lot of things is very high, learning points are great but my idea is twofold here(three?) cut the total fame needed without learning points down, increase the amount needed before spending learning points and also add “specialization” options, so if someone wanted to be an armor crafter he could specialize in plate and get a small fame bonus towards it as well as a higher chance to make better quality item

2) I think the materials needed to craft things should be increased as well as the fame received from crafting.

3)repair and reroll are really neat tools, but take away from crafters a bit, what if we tied it to a crafting skill ? Like to repair t4 plate you need to be able to craft t3 plate.

4) I am a blue collar guy. I am a metal worker by trade, I do a little wood working, and lots of crafts as well as the beginning of forging my own knives, what if we had tools for crafters as well as stations ? Make them similar to gathering tools, because right now a crafter needs nothing but a station and everyone else has tools maybe a repair hammer for on the road ?

5) houses. I see the backlog has player run taverns so this kinda falls in there, because right now houses feel like they belong to laborers not you. What if players got Albion Online Power Leveling a buff for sleeping ? Like it could take several hours but have a substantial buff so before you log off go home and sleep but lose the buff for logging off somewhere else

like I said a few ideas I think are neat, let me know how you all feel