Guild Wars 2 Longbow Ranger WvW

I’ve been running full zerker ranger recently, and yesterday I did run Lonbow with 6/6/x specifically. I could hit people for 3k with 2700 power, but never saw 5k. Maybe with air and fire sigils together you can hit for 5k. Or with moment of clarity.

See below the outcome of fights depending on your opponent:
– bad players you will wreck in 5 secods.
– mediocre players will be able to beat if they do not run an optimized build.
– good players will be able to close the gap, know what to dodge, when to block. Wolf fear will be inefficient against them as it will rarely hit, and squishies will have escapes you cannot prevent.

This is a solo perspective. If you have even 1 more player with you who knows what he’s doing, you will perform much better. Zerker longbow ranger is just not a roaming build…. yet.

You can gradually change your zerker pieces to pvt or knights gear and will be a bit more survivable, but your damage will be reduced so far that you will be able to annoy the kitten out of people if you play really good and can stay alive long enough…. and they will run away and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Guild Wars 2 Dynamic combat and AoE

I’ve been thinking about an idea for a while now to make combat in GW2 more dynamic, with an additional benefit of further differentiating AoE and single-target/cleave attacks. I thought I would present the idea here to get feedback.

The inspiration for this idea came from first-person shooters. GW2’s combat system is designed to be action-oriented and was most likely-inspired, in part, by FPS gameplay. I will talk about one aspect of FPS gameplay that could be useful if incorporated into GW2. In a FPS game, when you use an explosive weapon such as a rocket launcher or grenades, you risk harming yourself in the explosion. Consider if GW2 implemented this idea in the following way:

Your own AoE attacks affect both enemies and yourself (but not your allies).
Obviously, AoE attacks can’t affect allies, or there would be game-breaking levels of team-killing, both intentional and unintentional. But if you could be affected by your own AoEs, this would encourage situational use of AoE attacks rather than the rampant “use them for everything” response we see now. The objective of this change is to encourage selective use of AoE abilities rather than simply using them when they do more damage, for example.

Certainly, this change would require significant overhauls to skills and traits, with some of the following considerations:

1) not all AoE attacks should affect the user. For example, Guardian symbols should not harm the user and Necro marks shouldn’t be triggered by the user.

2) AoE attacks that harm the user should be rebalanced. For example, Engineer bombs would be unusable in their current state if they harmed the engineer. They may need a longer fuse and correspondingly increased damage/radius, for example, to allow the engineer to avoid their own bombs.

3) Traits can be selected to give the user partial or complete protection from their own AoEs. For example, Elementalists may find a Fire trait which makes them immune to their own fire AoEs. Rangers may find a trait which reduces the effect of their own traps on themselves.

4) Combo fields need to be considered – Blast, leap, and whirl finishers in fire and poison fields, for example, may be discouraged by this change. Because of this, skills that are important field generators likely need some inherent or optional immunity for the user (e.g. as part of the base skill or through traits)

Finally, I am addressing this idea as a primarily PvP/WvW player. Someone with more PvE experience may need to comment on the viability of this change in that environment, but it may also require changes to some PvE content.