‘Guild Wars 2’ to Launch First Raid, ‘Spirit Vale,’ Next Week

ArenaNet and NCsoft have announced they are releasing the first ever raid for “Guild Wars 2” by next week titled “Spirit Vale.”

Guild Wars 2

Popular fantasy MMORPG “Guild Wars 2” will finally be receiving its very first raid mission after Washington-based developer ArenaNet and its South Korean games publisher NCsoft have decided to put players up to the challenge of teaming up in larger adventure groups to go on puzzle-solving forays to overcome enemy mobs and defeat powerful boss monsters.

The raid, dubbed “Spirit Vale,” is described as the first raid’s initial wing and is geared at offering a host of difficult tasks to large groups of players, testing skills and allowing teamwork gameplay to overcome some of the raid’s greatest challenges.

Scheduled for launch on Tuesday next week, “Spirit Vale” will be made available to “Guild Wars 2” gamers who already have “Heart of Thorns” content, the game’s first expansion DLC.

“Spirit Vale” will allow up to 10 players to utilize “Guild Wars 2’s” action combat system to defeat huge monster opponents, with each team tasked to hunt for a missing Pact squad that has disappeared in the northern reaches of Maguuma.

To find the squad, players will embark into a journey deep into a strange and dangerous forest steeped in dark magic and crawling with deadly enemies.

An enhanced UI will be added to “Spirit Vale” to allow players in each team to communicate and rendezvous with one another, particularly as the raid missions will require close coordination and cooperation among team players to succeed.

The enhanced UI will also allow team leaders to organize, lead and command their 10-member team, and even a squad composed of up to 50 players in “Tyria” and “World vs. World.”

Teams who take part in the “Spirit Vale” raid will also be receiving loot for accomplishing various tasks in the mission, including new weapons skins, helpful gear, miniatures, and components to build new legendary armor that won’t be available anywhere else in the game.

“Guild Wars 2’s” first raid mission, “Spirit Vale,” is expected to arrive on November 17.
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Has anyone found whats the best formation or tactic for fifa15 seasons

Hi can anyone give me some help on defending?

In particular I have trouble stopping people from sprint dribbling right through me, as well as the long cross ball which always lands right on Ronaldo’s foot inch perfect everytime!!

The dribbling I just cant seem to stop,not just when they do it right from KO but in game at times it just seems impossible to prevent. My defenders run along side and apart from slide tacking and giving away a penalty or free kick I just cant get them to tackle or do anything,when they turn my defenders just seem to stand rooted to the spot!! They also seem to auto switch and actually create gaps,although that may be due to me franticly trying to get a defender in front of the attacker !

As for the cross through ball from deep Its more annoying than anything,, but I seem to be getting it used against me more and more.

I am currently in Div 3 and I dont know if its just a step up in op ability or me but I am really struggling,I got relegated back to 4 and came right back up winning all but 2 ,, so its either just the level as I am probably coming up against Div 1 players now,, or its just everyone in this div is better at exploiting all these moves

Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent losing the same kind of goals to these moves? I am still scoring ok just conceding to many now,actually had a 6-5 by half time tonight lol !!

Or perhaps now im in Div 3 the op I am coming up against are using custom tactics etc? I am still just using a default. Has anyone found whats the best formation or tactic for fifa15 seasons

Cheers for any feedback