A Guide To Becoming A Master Weaponsmith!

Do you want to be a Master Weaponsmith? If you do you will find this guide to be quite handy. If you choose this career, you will be able to craft weapons used by warriors all across the land. You will also be able to create a number of consumables and sigils, which are used to boost the strength of your newly forged weapon.

As with any craft you are going to need someone to teach you how it’s done first. If you visit a major town you will undoubtedly find a tutor. Once you have learned the basics of your chosen skill we will be ready to begin.

To begin crafting novice weapons you will need bronze bars and green wood planks. To refine a copper bar you will need copper ore and tin ore. The tin ore can be purchased from vendors in town. The copper ore can be acquired by mining copper nodes throughout the world, or by salvaging old pieces of gear. The green wood planks can be made from green wood logs. You can get gw2 gold by salvaging old weaponry or by finding saplings to harvest throughout the world.

You will also find it beneficial to gather up other exotic materials while adventuring. These include a number of items found on mobs and in containers throughout the world. While you might find it odd reagents such as vials of blood and tiny claws will be used in the creation of your new weaponry.

Once you have a collection of materials we can truly begin. For our example how about we try making a greatsword? In order to make any weapon you will actually need two parts (three technically but we will get to that soon). For the greatsword you will want to craft a bronze greatsword blade and a bronze greatsword hilt. Now, it would look like you should be able to just combine these items and go. It’s not quite that simple. This is where those other materials come in handy.

You can now combine the items you created with any of the extra items you have obtained. Whether it’s a vial of blood or a venom sac, to make your weapon truly shine you will want to go a step further however.

If you turn some of your green wood planks into green wood dowels we will be able to make inscriptions. You can combine the dowels with those odd materials to finalize the inscriptions. These will increase one of your stats when you equip the weapon. Of course you want to choose a stat that will benefit you, right?

You can use this chart to determine what stat will be boosted:
Vials of blood: +Power inscriptions
Bones: +Vitality inscriptions
Venom sacs: +Condition damage inscriptions
Totems: +Healing power inscriptions
Claws: +Precision inscriptions
Scales: +Toughness inscriptions

Once you have created your chosen inscription you can combine it with the two pieces of your weapon. If you want to raise your skill quickly you can create weapons using each of the various inscriptions. You can then turn around and sell them for quick cash. You could also salvage the newly forged weapon for more materials.

If you followed this guide you will quickly develop your skills. You are on your way to becoming the next Master Weaponsmith.