Maybe if they made changes mid-albion online someone can explain how they did it?

When Destiny Board Balance Changes happen…

Will we keep fame and get refunded lp for the Albion Online Gold trees that get reworked? Have devs said how they’re going to handle this? I really hope they have a refund lp system already in place but even refunding lp the numbers will still be wonky if values change. You’d still be spending fame/lp at different points.

For Example:
A skill currently takes 100,000 fame +50 lp to get to next step so I earn 100k, spend those 50 lp and kept grinding another 200k fame
Devs Balance to make it only 50k fame +25 lp (hopefully they’re being nice and we keep fame and get lp refunded)
But now it is like I earned 300k fame at first step but didn’t have the chance to spend lp at the 50k mark like someone after the balance would

Maybe if they made changes mid-alpha someone can explain how they did it? Or if they’ve said how it works somewhere that Im not finding on google and someone could point me to it that’d be great. Its beta but we’re all putting considerable time in here Albion Online Power Leveling to help test so it would be nice not to get completely hosed now either..