Guild Wars 2: Black Lion Chest Key Farming Guide

The most important thing you’re going to need is a spare character slot as you will be deleting and recreating characters over and over again to redo these first few Personal Story missions.

Finally, a useful thing to have is a low level white greatsword in your bank. One you make sure to drop off at the end of each run, and pick up in the starter area via your Golem Banker (if you have one). With this you will be able to increase the output of damage and not have to waste time picking one up every run, and by the time you get out of the starter area you will already have unlocked a lot of the skills on it.

Character Creation

What we recommend is that you make a Sylvari Ranger with the Shield of the Moon dream and the Jungle Stalker pet.

A ranger for your Jungle Stalker pet. This pet will assist you in aggro, DPS and the downed skill that not only heals you, but instantly heals your pet to full and soaks some damage as it heals you. The Jungle Stalker in particular for it’s might buff to assist you in hashing out damage even faster and the four stacks of vulnerability it can hash out to make things even faster. As well as for the Flame Trap utility you will unlock at level five for a substantial boost in your DPS.

Finally, the Shield of the Moon dream as we find it to be the least time consuming Personal Story arch for the first few missions compared to the White Stag and Huntsman. All of the missions in the Shield of the Moon are straight forward, especially if you choose the option to rescue Ysvelta.

Solo Farming – Step One

Get to level five or six by killing every single enemy on your way to various hearts on your map, especially passive creatures like does or grub wurms (creatures that are left unkilled for long periods of time grant an extra experience bonus that can be up to 200% depending on how long they have been left alone and typically passive creatures have these bonuses). Make sure you stop to do any dynamic mission that pops up on the way, and knock out any achievements you can in this small area.

Step Two (Solo Farm)

As soon as you hit level five or six begin doing you personal story. By the time you get to the level ten mission you will be around 7 or 8 and should be able to manage it just fine. Make sure you let your pet lead attacks into groups, and heal when it’s health is low to keep it going.

Step Three

Make sure you sell your excess items to the trading post or a merchant (whichever profits more). Don’t bother salvaging unless you have to and deposit your key, excess coin and your greatsword into your bank before deleting your character! This won’t net you huge amounts of gold, but there is no sense letting it go to waste especially if you are farming large amounts of keys