The Stronger White Octopus in Guild Wars 2

I thought the two octopuses must have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. It was the Death Poison Gas which was a monster skill. Its attribute was preparatory skill. When your bow and arrow hit the goal, the goal would suffer 1 to 9 points of extra damage. The death poison gas would be formed around the goal. All enemies near the poison gas would suffer the poisoning symptom for 5 to 17 seconds. This skill lasted for 1 to 10 seconds. It consumed 15 points of energy. Its casting time was 2; the cooling time was 24.
The black octopuses used this preparatory skill. It was even stronger than the best skill of freelancer. The space was full of green poison gas. I did not know whether other skill could eliminate the poison gas. Our blood bars all became green. We lost 8 points of blood and some Guild Wars 2 gold every second.
The white octopus was stronger. It could send lightning. The lightning was not simple one. It could hit a row of goals on a straight line. It could also knock down all moving enemies. When we were in the main task before, we fought with the servant of the chain dead leader. So we all did not like this electric sorcery. We were all attacked by it.
It was the Hell Thunder which was a monster skill. Its attribute was mantra. All enemies nearby would suffer 15 to 51 points of lightning damage. The enemies with symptoms would be knocked down. This sorcery had 25% of effect of defense penetrating. It consumed 10 points of energy. Its casting time was 0.75; the cooling time was 8. I thought we should buy Guild Wars 2 gold first.
This was an electric sorcery again. It had the effect of knocking down group under a certain condition. Besides, the electric sorcery did not have high damage because of the effect of defense penetrating.
Both of these two octopuses were not easy to be killed. Which one should be killed first? There were more black octopuses. We could not avoid being poisoned. But we only lost blood and buy guild wars 2 gold continuously. So it was difficult to kill a person in a second. But the lightning of the white octopus was very dangerous. If we were attacked by the lightning of the white octopus twice, we might die. So I thought we should kill the white octopus first! The Ordering Wraith was used; and then the bone army rushed in the front.