Albion Online Mounts and Carry Weight

Is there going to be a change to the way pack mounts work? Can you change it so that horses and oxen have their own inventories? It doesn’t make sense that I have Albion Online Gold to carry everything in my own inventory, and become immobile, when I have an ox or horse. While you could have the option for the mount to follow the player, it definitely needs its own inventory, and not just be a way to increase weight capacity when mounted. Horses should of course have lower capacities than Oxes, but I don’t see how the mounts haven’t been changed in this way already. The way they behave now is a pain.

I second this as well, I’ve written a fairly long explanation in another thread in this forum explaining the painful gather/craft issues in this game, it’s one of the reasons I stopped playing after an hour in CBT.

Other things I’d suggest that follow this:
Knowing how much of a resource there is before clicking to gather the node – maybe a popup of the same window over a tree or ore, etc.
Clicking ONCE to gather all of the resources instead of over and over again for each log, ore, etc.
Having a slider for craft stations for crafting items, so you can craft X number of them based on resources in your pack or mount that’s following you.
Having a slider for salving items at the repair station, so you can salvage X number of items based on the number of them you have, I would even put a UI checklist system in place so people can just quickly check off what they want to salvage and the number of them.

Overall, reduce the number of clicks and drag / drops that players must Cheap Albion Online Gold perform, reduce the mounting/unmounting of mounts for gather/crafters. It’s dulling that section of the game.