We Need A Better Precursor System In Guild Wars 2

Every other ingredient in this game needed for a legendary weapon has a fairly secure way of being obtained, however as far as precursors go, you need a ton of luck to actually get one yourself.

Even though I’ve played since Launce this is the MAIN reason i did never bother to try and make one, every time i check the list on what’s needed for a legendary weapon, the second i remember the precursor weapon i get put off and don’t want to try getting there.

So i propose a way to actually buy gw2 gold, boxes etc…. HOWEVER this doesn’t mean it has to be easy, or take little time, however considering fractils and dungeons out there there could be an expensive mix of each token (for example) to be able to buy one.I’m just brainstorming here keep in mind, that no matter the time it takes i want a CLEAR OBJECTIVE something you can WORK TO it’s the same with the legendary weapon, you keep upgrading components till you get the final piece of art you are proud to wielding.

However flushing a few hundred exotics down the toilet hopping for it to clog and dish out a precursor weapon by RNG/CHANCE is just discouraging

Note: most of this was brainstorming, people could be scared for the market, but it could also be made that buying precursors makes them soulbound while the forge remains free for trade, as another example.

Deflation is a problem when supply is in excess of demand. Without the forge there would be little demand for plain exotics and rare items and they would drop to the salvage value. It wouldn’t matter if players have 1 gold in the bank or 10,000 gold, any such item wouldn’t be traded for more than salvage value. With all these items getting salvaged the supply of ectos and crafting components would rise, so those prices would drop too.

Demand is important. Demand is what pushed silk and other components above the vendor price. There is no demand for leather and with no change in demand the leather will always stay at vendor price, no matter how much money comes into the economy.