Dungeon Master In Guild Wars 2

I see your party in LFG, open world category, with a clear description of “P1, anyone welcome, not a speed run”. I think why not and takethe gamble. Turns out the dungeon is CoE.

I go in, try to joke around and talk with you guys, but not much is said. So I take a close look at your guildie thief buddy, with his fancy “Dungeon Master” title and dual pistols. I let out a little chuckle. A pug warrior comes in, sees that you are one too, and pings out her banner. No response from you, so she just slots one banner. A ranger comes in to finish the party and we start.

Every boss is almost a wipe, with your thief guildmate standing far away from us and going pew-pew, but it’s okay. It’s a casual run. No one is mad, no one is upset. We’re all laughing and having a decent time. The another warrior is calmly explaining what to do next to the ranger. The ranger listens and asks why he should pick up my ice bow. We talk through things. But nothing ever from you guys. Anything we ask you is met with silence.

We get to the last fight with Subject Alpha. We try to stack by the boxes, but the two of you decide to stand and range from opposite corners. The warrior explains that by staying close to each other, our AoEs will break anyone caught in a crystal. Halfway through her explanation, she’s gone. Instantly kicked by you two. Our ranger is appalled. He’s obviously here to learn from a casual run, and now his teacher is gone. And he’s gone too. And then me. All of us kicked at the end. After spending over an hour with you guys, you kick the pugs that carry you.

Joined a casual run, laid back, patiently carried with a pug, both of us got kicked by the two guildies at the end.

Never doing a run with the description “anyone welcome” again, casuals are worse than “elitists” at kicking. At least elitists have a clear guideline on kicking in their description. Also, “Dungeon Master” is a worthless title, anyone with it should feel bad.