Dungeons we do really need more in Guild Wars 2

I have no idea why some of you are harping on the player for making this decision and writing about it, at least he makes good valid points and addresses them with calm and ration, unlike a lot of the ragequit posts we see so often. I honestly hope someone from the Anet higher-ups somehow stumbles upon this and sees it, as it’s not just the voice of one player but something a lot of the current playerbase will agree on.

There’s been good and bad with every patch for the >1 year I’ve been playing this game and I don’t expect to it be perfect either, but it constantly feels like they’re taking a step in the wrong direction since spring. The OP is right, there’s little to no reward in the game.

Take dailies for instance. You get a measly 5s a day. At 80 that barely covers 3 close waypoints. I hate to draw comparisons so I’ll avoid names, but I’m playing another MMO where completing a set of dailies 3 days in a row pretty much warrants you enough gold at exchange that you can buy gw2 gold in the item store. And that’s even a F2P, you don’t even need a boxed copy to play it, so please don’t try to defend this and tell me the game needs the gemstore to survive. I’ve spent plenty on the gemstore before spring 2014, it all probably rounds up to a good few hundreds of real euro, but I stopped trying to be supportive of this new item-store model they’re promoting the moment they went from 800gem armor-sets to 400gems per single armor piece and from 3-pack minis for 400 to single minis for 500.

Coupled with the removal of guaranteed unique items for the 2nd season of LS in favor of more RNG stuff. Somehow one backpiece serving as a huge mat sink, some goggles skin or monkey mini that may or may not drop from hundreds of locked chests in Dry Top doesn’t really compare to the more rewarding season 1 LS that had a guaranteed unique item as a meta reward. I personally did not care for half of them that much, matter of taste after all, but it was nice to get some sort of meaningful reward after completing a set of tie-in achievements, and not just some seed that’s completely useless until you farm for hundreds of geodes to put it in a pot and spend a fortune in mats for weeks crafting food to feed it to turn it into something remotely meaningful.

Dungeons we do really need more of! I’m not an avid dungeon runner, I only run them every now and then but I’m already burnt out on the content. There’s only so many times you can repeat the same dungeon, fight the same mobs before it gets repetitive and boring. While I enjoy all facets of the game, which helps keep some semblance of diversity, they need to also focus on all aspects of the game. PvE gets living story chapters, WvW gets competitive seasons, PvP has tournaments and rumored new maps. Time to shine a light on instances for a change. But I get a feeling something like a dungeon may come at the end of this story chapter, where we fight the dragon similar to Arah/Zaithan fight… but hopefully more engaging than sitting behind a turret.