Exotic Drop Rate Problem In Guild Wars 2

I always thought it was strange that when I swap equipment in inventory I see what I was just wearing as if it was “loot” on the right-hand side of my screen just above my mini map, like I just got them. I also thought it stranger that my character would even vocalize a “got rare loot” line when this happened. “You can never have too much treasure” and “Nice gear!” sound familiar to anyone else? I think it has always been like this since day 1, and I swap equipment sets a lot on my characters.

I also always thought this game could benefit from one of those systems you hear about in other games, where if you keep trying at something based on random number generation, the odds get slightly better each time you fail until you succeed. When you succeed the “bonus” resets back down to zero or decreases again. It’s luck with a hint of predictability over a long time, and I have always felt in GW2 like I have one of those “very unlucky accounts” people talk about so much, and Magic Find doesn’t seem to do anything for me. But I do understand the Law of Large Numbers and I try not to be superstitious. I know it has never been officially discussed whether or not Guild Wars 2 implements a system like this.

About a month ago, I thought about both of these things at the same time. I wondered, what if the game believes it has good drops, and the reason is because there is a system like this in place: maybe it increments up to better chances at rare or exotic drops until you get one. But what if it treats swapping equipment in inventory as “looting it again” and resets that counter every time you switch to different armor/weapons/trinkets in inventory?

I have stopped swapping my equipment, and I subjectively and on a small sample size feel like I might possibly be getting slightly better loot now (disclaimer: no math or guarantees here – just my pure subjective speculation).

Has anyone else ever thought it was weird that their character talked about swapping their armor or weapons sets as if they were freshly earning rare loot that was “Better than moot loot?” And does anyone else think that that WOULD interfere with an incrementing-odds loot system if the game used one? Do you feel like you have a “lucky” or “unlucky” account, and do you regularly swap character gear on your account?