Gemstore Nodes And False Advertising In Guild Wars 2

I’m sorry normally I like the things that are offered in the Gemstore, but the Nodes are not one of them. First, they are pricey and still overpriced for what is offered. Second, the description in the Blog news and the icons in the gemstore shop suggest that you get more than is offered.
Here is the text from the news:

Basic Harvesting Node Pack

Grow a vegetable garden of your very own with the Basic Harvesting Node Pack! Once you’ve used this item, you can visit your home instance once per day per account to gather from a Vegetable Plant, Root Plant, and Herb Plant!

Even the icon in the gemstore suggests a little garden. What do we get instead? Three plants (no new models) hovering a bit above stone/cement ground. This is not a garden. This is a rip-off. This is the top of lazyness. Even more so you don’t even know through the gemstore what plants you will get and how much. In reality, you can harvest the three nodes once per account per day and you will get random results, no control whatsoever. That is misinformation and very close to false advertising in my opinion.

For 800 gems, meaning 10 Dollars/Euros!, I expect more. I expect a real little garden with fitting ground texture and additional decoration around it, a overall better arrangment/location, more than 3 nodes and the control over what I harvest. Heck, I expect the option to actually grow something for the next day.You had the chance to do something with it and instead you chose, again as with the previous node packs, to do a fast money-grab.