What’s A Good Consecration Build In Guild Wars 2

Getting bored of the standard Meditiation build. I like to bunker, I’m not as interested in support. I find myself doing a 1v2 a lot in sPVP. I was playing a few days ago and saw a Guardian do a good 1v2 as Consecration (well, to be fair I was one of the 2 and my damage isn’t very good).

I don’t know what to choose in the talent tree/what I would do with this. Obviously lower consecration CDs, but I’m too used to the healing clutch you get with meditations. How would I mitigate this damage?

Please, define “Consecration Guard”.

If you mean that they were taking 3 consecrations for their utility slots, then they were most likely doing well despite this fact rather than because of it.Consecrations are great in PvE, but in PvP, you’re usually best just taking Sanc as a bunker and maybe Wall of Reflect if the enemy team has a ton of projectiles.

If they ever fix the bug that lets Consecrated Ground give Sanc additional duration, then you may see the use of that skill go away entirely.The big reason that consecrations aren’t taken in sPvP is that shouts will give better condition removal over a larger radius since they are strong when traited and used with Soldier’s runes. For DPS-focused guardians, the DPS enhancement and utility of meditations is stronger.