Give Your Feedback For The Next Guild Wars 2 Balance Changes

If you have some constructive opinions on trait balacne in Guild Wars 2, now is your chance to offer your ideas and feedback to ArenaNet developers as they prepare for a huge trait and ability update for the game. The balance changes effect each and every class in the game, and the devs have taken to the official forums with a huge post outlining their current plans for the changes and are looking for players to offer their opinions. Nothing listed in the post is set in stone, and it looks like player opinion can definitely sway some of the decisions the balance team make.

These Guild Wars 2 balance changes are currently scheduled to go live on December 10th so there is still plenty of time for players to offer up suggestions on the forum thread. As of right now there are 26 pages of replies, so the devs are definitely going to be busy reading through all of the posts and getting an idea of what the community thinks about the current state of each class, as well as the proposed balance changes.

The upcoming changes look to increase build versatility for many classes, and the devs are looking to move traits around to promote more viable builds, as well as make some currently less desirable traits more appealing to players through more optimal placement within the trees and improve their power and usefulness.

There are FAR too many changes listed in the Guild Wars 2 balance changes thread to post here, but some of the highlights include:


The goal for the Elementalist is to take away the necessity to put points deep in the Arcane tree regardless of play style and make other Elementalist trees viable and more appealing.


Increasing build diversity and removing many random effects should make the Engineer more fun overall.


Offensive minded Guardians are getting some love, although they are still not intended to be quite as powerful as some of the other damage-centric classes.


Mesmer balance is centered around downplaying the need for 25 pts. into the Illusions tree for most specs and buffing some of their support type abilities.


Buffs to some weaker abilities accompanied by nerfs to a few overpowered ones are coming for Necromancers.


Trait placement and buffs to less used trees should offer more build options to Ranger players.


Near permanent stealth is going the way of the dinosaurs, and some nerfs to evasion alongside some buffs to the Arcrobatics tree should offer more reward to Thief players who like to jump into the fray instead of skirting around the edges of a fight ducking in and out.


Warriors are looking at changes that help balance out their ability to do massive amounts of damage alongside massive amounts of control. The devs are looking for players to make more of a decision as to whether to do tons of damage or keep and enemy locked-down.

As I said, these are just the very basic highlights of what’s in store for the December 10th Guild Wars 2 balance changes, so be sure to head over to the forum thread to check out a full list of the proposed changes as well as offer your feedback on what’s being talked about. Your opinion matters, so help shape the future of your game!