Guild Wars 2 Tanks

We have ballistas, golems (Mech-like), trebuchets, catapults, Arrow carts (machine gun-like), but what about tanks?

A tank in GW2 should be a magic-powered, driven, mobile and heavy vehicle with a turnable cannon turret. It requires two people (one driver and one cannoneer) to operate it.


  • Immune to normal damage
  • Automatic stability, cannot be stunned or otherwise hindered in movement.
  • Immune to arrow cart damage
  • Vulnerable to damage by other tanks, golems, catapult fire, trebuchet fire, ballista fire, cannon fire.
  • Suffers double damage from Ballistas. (They act like anti-tank siege)
  • Cannot be driven into buildings, castles or through gates
  • Cannot use portals
  • Cannot be built inside buildings, towers or castles.
  • Driving over enemy entities (except siege) knocks them back and inflicts 15,000 damage, ignoring toughness and deals 3 stacks of bleeding.
  • Slow movement – about 80% movement speed of a normal player.


  • Anti-Zerg
  • Anti-Siege

Costs: 500 Supply (to keep them rare)

Driver abilities: None, you steer using WASD
Gunner abilities:

  • Aim and fire shot, cooldown: 10 seconds – Fires the currently loaded cannon ball
  • Change to massive cannon ball – Ideal against siege structures and enemy tanks, cannot damage enemy players and NPCs. Resets the “Aim and fire shot” cooldown (so it’s ticking from 10 again)
  • Change to explosive cannon ball – Ideal against enemy zergs. Explosion impact radius: 300, deals 7500 damage to enemy players, 2500 damage to structures and siege objects. No limits on the number of affected targets. Deals no damage against enemy tanks or golems. Resets the “Aim and fire shot” cooldown (so it’s ticking from 10 again)
  • Move cannon to the left
  • Move cannon to the right