Guild Wars 2 New Suggestion System Updated

My argument is not invalidated by the poor wording of your posts. Sorry, arguments don’t work that way.

And if they just delete the suggestions they don’t like customers will get all upset that ANet isn’t listening to us and is just going to wait until someone suggests something that they were already planning to add in order to make it look like they are listening to us.

We don’t know what they have in development at any stage short of what’s about to be released. So we can’t make relevant suggestions. Suggesting new race is pointless if they already have one in the pipeline. A better suggestion to go along with new race is new personal story chapters and a new map that aren’t tied to Living Story. Our characters go and meet the new race in the personal story. A month after that is released, then the new race is playable along with a few new maps. With its own personal story as the new race can’t really do the existing personal story.

But without knowing what they are already working on, us putting out ideas that ANet would have to work on if chosen is pointless. Until their corporate policy on talking to us about things they are working on changes, anything like this is just asking to open a can of worms with PR.

Possible bad PR scenarios:

1. Month goes by and players suggest nothing ANet wants to commit to. So they delete the posts and reopen the post. Players suggest the same things. Rinse repeat. Players start complaining that ANet isn’t willing to listen to us and is rejecting all suggestions because none of them fit in line and is just waiting for a suggestion that they are already working on so it makes them look like they are listening to us.

2. Players suggest something that ANet is willing to work on. Then unexpected issues crop up in development that mean it won’t be released in the short time frame required. Players go crazy over broken promises and how ANet just says one thing and does another. Current corporate policy would mean that once they accepted the suggestion they couldn’t talk about it so they can’t even say that it ran into hiccups and is still in the works.

3. If a good suggestion gets rejected by ANet players will start throwing out conspiracy theories of ANet only puts things into the poll if they are things they are currently within the time frame of releasing and just want player input on what to release first.

Giving players control over what is released and when is just asking for another PR disaster.


Exotic Drop Rate Problem In Guild Wars 2

I always thought it was strange that when I swap equipment in inventory I see what I was just wearing as if it was “loot” on the right-hand side of my screen just above my mini map, like I just got them. I also thought it stranger that my character would even vocalize a “got rare loot” line when this happened. “You can never have too much treasure” and “Nice gear!” sound familiar to anyone else? I think it has always been like this since day 1, and I swap equipment sets a lot on my characters.

I also always thought this game could benefit from one of those systems you hear about in other games, where if you keep trying at something based on random number generation, the odds get slightly better each time you fail until you succeed. When you succeed the “bonus” resets back down to zero or decreases again. It’s luck with a hint of predictability over a long time, and I have always felt in GW2 like I have one of those “very unlucky accounts” people talk about so much, and Magic Find doesn’t seem to do anything for me. But I do understand the Law of Large Numbers and I try not to be superstitious. I know it has never been officially discussed whether or not Guild Wars 2 implements a system like this.

About a month ago, I thought about both of these things at the same time. I wondered, what if the game believes it has good drops, and the reason is because there is a system like this in place: maybe it increments up to better chances at rare or exotic drops until you get one. But what if it treats swapping equipment in inventory as “looting it again” and resets that counter every time you switch to different armor/weapons/trinkets in inventory?

I have stopped swapping my equipment, and I subjectively and on a small sample size feel like I might possibly be getting slightly better loot now (disclaimer: no math or guarantees here – just my pure subjective speculation).

Has anyone else ever thought it was weird that their character talked about swapping their armor or weapons sets as if they were freshly earning rare loot that was “Better than moot loot?” And does anyone else think that that WOULD interfere with an incrementing-odds loot system if the game used one? Do you feel like you have a “lucky” or “unlucky” account, and do you regularly swap character gear on your account?