Guild Wars 2: Battle for Lion’s Arch Community Q&A

The Final Battle Begins in Guild Wars 2 as the Battle for Lion’s Arch content goes live later today. Last week we asked the community to submit their questions and ArenaNet’s own Mike Zadorojny was able to join us to get those questions answered.

Last week the teaser trailer and news coverage for this patch was released, and for a teaser it really didn’t tease much of anything. A lot of the questions we received looked toward the future, both in terms of rebuilding Lion’s Arch as well as cheap guild wars 2 gold. Unfortunately, ArenaNet is not yet ready to talk much about either of those. Mike did say that the future of Lion’s Arch is a developing story and that it is not going to be returning to the way it was, but that players will have to wait for that story to be told.

With the future of Living World off limit, we asked Mike to look back at season 1 now that it is coming to an end. We asked what the biggest challenges were for creating the first season of the Living World and Mike answered that it was making content that was both challenging and approachable for every player. With every event and character they are trying to improve and it has kept everyone at ANet on their toes. In this process of improving, they are constantly able to expand and improve on what the Living World can do, and that they are still only scratching the surface in terms of the types of stories, impactful moments and in changing the face of Tyria.

The Collaborative Development Initiative (CDI) is a big part of how ArenaNet is trying to improve GW2. We asked Mike how the CDIs changed the way they are developing the content and the answer was simply that it doesn’t. What the CDIs help with is getting feedback from the players and seeing what they want. Player feedback is always an important part of where ANet takes gw2 gold, Mike said. They are always mindful of feedback as well as looking at how and where within Tyria players are playing the game. As it is such an important part of player feedback, Mike mentioned that they are looking to improve how the topics and the CDIs themselves are handled and for players to stay tuned on their future.