Guild Wars 2 Guardian Shield Changes

As a Guardian, the first thing that struck me was the Mace/Shield combination. It’s beautiful, heroic, especially with the Guild Tower Shield (which is the best shield skin ever), but it really frustrates me. The Mace’s number 3 doesn’t infinitely block ranged attacks like all other blocks(although it’s altruistic and deals a load of damage), but the main issue is the SHIELD.

The Shield simply pales in comparison in all game modes against the Focus (self-sustain with blinds, optional vulnerability, regeneration, blocks and a bit of DPS) and the Torch (niche DPS weapon) .

The Protection the Shield of Judgment gives really lets me down. As a low damage skill that gives gw2 gold us with a 30 seconds of cooldown (the Hammer can give permanent protection), that I need to use away from melee range (this is a Shield) to hit (I’m in melee range, gotta dodge back to give Protection to my allies from mid range). Could be an AoE Protection, or even Aegis! (would make a lot of people happy) and maybe a bit of control (stun/daze, it is a kind of bash).

The Shield of Absorption is a kind of shield people forget is altruistic, it’s a nice heal, projectile absorption and stuff. But the cooldown is still, way too long. Maybe if another buff was involved as well, or the projectiles were reflected, a bigger heal, I don’t really know.

tl,dr; —- Please change how the Shield of Judgment applies Protection, not a cone—-
and what it applies and the cooldown of it. Shield of Absorption is in a really good spot, just where you always love to say the Guardian is (in a good spot), but the cooldown is also really long (even when traited).


Looking For Good EU Server In Guild Wars 2

It depends what you want to fight against:

SFR (International) best over-all coverage and often the biggest blobs
Desolation (International) strongest night team, 2nd best coverage
Kodash (German) strong primetime, lots of roaming teams
Riverside (German) zone wide blobs, strong siege
Gandara (International) strong primetime, lots of roaming teams

All of them are very high population besides Kodash. If you want to fight against the biggest blobs in EU, I suggest you will move to a server which often facing SFR. If you want to fight against enemy roamers and gankers, then play on a server which is often pitted against Kodash and Gandara. If you do your selection with opposite logic, you might soon come back to forums and complaining “oh by the enemy servers don’t have much any roaming teams… first it is 1 vs 1, then they come back with 10”.

If you plan to play on many different hours and on NA hours as well, then going to the servers which have coverage is a good idea. Fighting with just 1-2 guys against enemy server’s big night team, might not be fun.

I know that my server, Desolation, has the reputation of being the biggest PuG/militia server in EU (plus being the pve capital of EU in the days before megaserver), but I think things have changed. I would give gw2 gold us zone wide PuG blob crown to SFR, which is obvious #1 choice for bandwagoners. Desolation has gotten an influx of new guilds. Many Desolation guilds now run closed raids and Desolation has become a guild heavy server. But when the Fall Tournament starts the pve people will also flood in, unless they all enjoy EotM. Our night team + many others are now taking a rest before the Fall Tournament, thus our ranking is tanking.