The Future of Low Risk High Reward Builds In Guild Wars 2

With the latest installment of the skill bar changes, I am voicing my concern for the future of pvp in GW2.

I fear that low risk, high reward builds are a bit disenheartening, and while most of us complain about P/D thieves or turret engis, anet isn’t doing much to make higher risk, high reward builds more viable than their low risk high reward counterparts.

The biggest offender I see in for the future is PU mesmer. Right now, it is regarded as the most toxic build in the game, and anet is buffing it with torment on autoattacks. Thankfully, its overreliance on stealth will still cripple it in higher level spvp, but we didn’t need this build to gain more gw2 gold.

The adrenaline changes will likely make more warriors thanever cling to their longbow for condition clearing, as cleansing ire procs will be less reliable with other weapons, and the longbow apparently has the best adrenaline generation of any warrior weapon (correct me if I’m wrong about that).

P/D Thief is in a similar position to the PU mesmer, and now many could run venom share instead of maxing out trickery or shadow arts to provide group damage benefits with their buffs.

D/D elementalist is another low risk high reward build, albeit with a higher skill cap than most of the others, and I’m glad that it won’t be facing any major changes, although staff ele, a more complex build may be less viable without meteornado. Turret engineer seems to face a minor nerf, and other than that will remain a somewhat braindead build.

Finally, spirit ranger, a build said to be cheesy for spamming 1 while being in a perpetual state of evasion and protection. With the new axe, their mightstacking potential with a celestial amulet and appropriate runes, or a more condition focused build, will beanother low risk high reward build. I am more okay with rangers getting crazy might stacking, because D/D eles pretty much ousted spirit rangers out of the meta, and now with might, they’ll be able to compete for that team support role more, albeit with lower mobility. And with axe being so great in that patch, the issues of autoattack spamming with shortbow will likely disappear.

And then theres the necro and guardian, and we don’t know entierely what they will get, but I’d be kind of sad to see buffs to minions or spirit weapons made viable.

The builds a tend to run in pvp right now are glass S/F ele, glassish power necro, and some hybrid/condition ranger with traps or spirits. S/F ele is very high risk, high reward, while powernecro is barely even viable and simple at that, while the type of ranger builds I play will be extremely buffed by the new axe, while I don’t think the longbow changes would entice me enough to make a high risk high reward ranger build.. since it barely works compared to thieves, mesmers, guardians, or eles with that mindset.


Good Build For Both Pve And Wvw In Guild Wars 2

Pve builds don’t perform well in WwW, and WwW builds don’t perform well in pve. The support you’re providing is different in those two. Pve requires a lot of team oriented comps and active defense via consecrations and virtues, and WwW builds are often shout oriented. So, you could take a build for both, but you’ll be underperforming in those two gamemodes.

For WwW, the zerg meta is either x/x/x/6/6 or x/x/6/6/x. The first one is far more team oriented, but loose all the personal survivability from AH, so it’s not a noob friendly build. In solo roaming, meditations builds are good, anything with monk’s focus and the remaining traits are for gw2 gold to decide.

For pve, the usual group spec is 4/5/0/0/5, it gives you a ton of support via blind spam, aegis, condi removal or stability on virtues, and consecrations. There’s a lot of different specs for solo/ group play to optimize your dps when you don’t need MoC or absolute resolution, but the one above is good pretty much everywhere. In fractals, you want an hammer spec.

GS/ sword focus for general pve, scepter for large hitbox bosses ( lupicus, ac endbosses, etc), hammer for fractal. You should carry all weapons on you to adapt, but those are the one you will be using the most. Staff is meh in pve because the might stacks are too short and overwrite longer might stacks, and you’re stuck with an awful weapon if you switch to it in combat. In www zergs, all 2 handed weapon are good choices, so either gs/hammer, gs/staff, or staff hammer. For roaming, greatsword+ sword focus are a solid choice for meditation but it can be swapped for something else.